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wkPoltawa (Ukraine), at the beginning of the forties: Three children, a German girl called Hanna and two Jewish children, Larissa and Abrascha, have been best friends for some time and have shared their love in music. When the war reaches Poltawa, the friendship of the three children is at risk. Being only between the age of ten and twelve the children do not understand jet the madness and brutality of the adults and only see one way out of the disaster: to help each other and to win the hearts and kindness of the adults by using their musical ability and by doing so trying to escape the mass murder.


Ukraine 1941
Larissa Brodsky and Abrascha Kaplan are two little genies with their instruments the piano and the cello. The communist party likes to present them as the two little wonder-children found by the communist partyŠThey get passed around, send onto tours around Russia and are surposed to travel to the USA to represend the new sowjet system.

With the invasion by the German Wehrmacht in Poltawa (Ukraine) the good relationship of between the Germans and the Russian adults ends abruptly, not so with the children though, who have been best friends for a few years already: a German girl by the name of Hanna and two Jewish children from Poltawa by the names of Larissa and Abrascha. All three friends share the love for classical music and each one of them play their own instrument. The
musical duet enjoys pracitsing and playing with the German girl Hanna Reich, whose father runs the local brewery.

Abrascha Kaplan and Larissa Brodsky, both highly gifted, play the piano and the violin on a very high standard. Both children got known within the
Soviet Union. The communist party planned already to send the children to the USA, but just before they are getting ready to leave for the trip to the
USA the political situation changes. The Nazis have declared war to the Soviet Union. The German family Reich wants to leave the Ukraine as soon as
possible to go back to Germany due to the fact that the Ukraine population seems to think that they work with the Germans and spy upon the Poltawa
people. Time becomes an important factor and only due to the pleading of the Jewish girl Larissa both Jewish families agree to hide the German family
Reich in the woods up until the German troops arrive in Poltawa.