Dr. Alice Brauner


Dr. Alice Brauner was born in Berlin. After high school she studied modern history, political science and Romance literature and languages at the Free University Berlin.

After working as an editor for various print media, she became an interviewer and contributor for the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation; the foundation, of which Steven Spielberg is an honorary chair, archives audio-visual interviews with survivors of the Holocaust. This was followed by her graduate dissertation for the Center for Anti-Semitic Research at the Technical University Berlin about anti-democratic and racist tendencies in the neo-right wing in Germany. In 1999, she became a TV presenter, first for TV-Berlin, then for n-tv.

Today she is an executive board member of CCC Filmkunst GmbH and CCC Cinema and Television GmbH and active as a producer for film, television and web productions.

She produced her first award-winning motion picture as an associate: THE LAST TRAIN (DER LETZTE ZUG). In 2009, she produced SO EIN SCHLAMASSEL for ARD Degeto. In 2012 she was one of four co-producers on the Grimme-Prize-nominated television miniseries GÖTTER WIE WIR (2012/ZDFkultur), which won the 2013 German Television Prize in the comedy category.

The generation 14+ showed a particularly good response to the web-sitcom MISSION HOUSEMEN, which was produced in cooperation with ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. MyVideo streamed this first sitcom in television quality produced solely for the Internet from May 2013 till May 2015 on its web television channel. Currently, the show is available on YouTube.

At the same time, she produced award-winning motion pictures like WUNDERKINDER and TO LIFE! (AUF DAS LEBEN!) (2014) which had its first screening in US cinemas in Spring 2016.

Furthermore, she and her team develop ambitious cinematic material, handle the licensing business and are also attending to the digital preservation of the classics and the marketing of the own CCC film studio in Berlin-Spandau. And so for example the entire studio part of the first German Netflix series DARK was shot completely in the recently renovated CCC film studios in 2017. Additionally, the entire studio part of the successful mini-series KU`DAMM 59 (producer UFA, Marc Lepetit) was shot in the CCC studios in autumn 2017.

Her documentary film MARINA, MABUSE AND MORITURI – 70 Years Of Postwar German Film was released 2017.

Besides CRESCENDO she is currently developing the major movie project GOLEM with director Dominik Graf, author Günter Schütter and Michael Zechbauer (MZ-Film).